Flatirons Capital

multi-family Investing and Development in Idaho’s most vibrant college town.

The 4 Pillars of Real Estate Opportunity in Idaho:


Real estate boasts a long history of outperforming major stock indexes, and college towns are among the safest investment opportunities due to their inherent stability.


Acquiring land at below-market value and building properties with an experienced in-house development team accelerates appreciation.

Cash Flow

Unlike other asset types, multifamily real estate generates consistent and predictable monthly income.

Tax Benefits

Real Estate Investments deliver significant tax advantages. Not only through depreciation write-offs, but investing in Opportunity Zones can eliminates capital gains entirely after 10 years.

Idaho’s most beautiful college town is quietly becoming one of the safest communities to own real estate in the Country.

Flatirons Investment Process

Equity growth and Acceleration

Early financing fuels reinvestment, ensuring continuous growth for investors.

High Performance Value Add

Acquiring low-cost, cash-flowing properties for portfolio balance and rapid income.

Why do we love small University towns?

College towns are safe real estate investments with consistent housing demand.

Strong real estate fundamentals: Steady university enrollment growth ensures high absorption and growth in all market conditions.

Less competition with few institutional investors.

Prime Location, Moscow Idaho

Meet Our Team

Matthew Becker

Development, Acquisitions, Asset Management

Benny Swan

Investor Relations, Financing, SaleS

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Operations, Technology, Legal