Meet the Team

Matthew Becker

Development, Acquisitions, Asset Management

Matthew is a highly experienced real estate investor and developer with over 30 years of industry expertise. He owned a large brokerage and property management firm in Boulder, where he managed renovation projects, including a 20-million-dollar apartment building. In 2008, he moved his operations to Moscow, Idaho, where he now owns and operates a construction and property management company with a large portfolio of multi-family properties. With over $10 million in recently completed new construction projects in Moscow, Matt is well-positioned to grow the business substantially in the coming years.

Benny Swan

Investor Relations, Financing, Sales

Benny is a seasoned real estate professional with over 15 years of industry expertise. He grew up working at his family’s real estate and property management company, where he operated the asset management division for over 15 years. Benny oversaw both residential and student investment properties with a portfolio value of $1 billion and collected $70 million in rents annually. He has also been a successful real estate investor for 15 years, focusing on small partnership groups in the Boulder and Denver areas. Additionally, Benny is among the top 5 producing residential real estate brokers for his firm.

Walker Mattingly

Operations, Technology, Legal

Walker brings a unique blend of real estate and technology expertise to Flatirons Capital. Prior to becoming a full-time real estate investor in 2018, Walker spent 15 years in leadership positions in the real estate technology industry. He helped secure several acquisitions of businesses valued over $100 million while working with equity companies. With his experience in managing people, business operations, and delivering digital solutions at scale, Walker is well-suited to provide innovative technology solutions and a seamless investor experience for Flatirons Capital.